Five Useful Evidence-based Study Tips

Finding it difficult to get back to studying after the circuit breaker? Learn about some useful study tips taught in the online course “Mindshift”.

Will having a mental disorder affect my job prospects?

Mental health is a topic that warrants more discussion in mainstream media. Here, OwlCove’s writer Jaden has compiled useful information for those wondering about mental health and its effects on future careers.

The Power Of An Individual

Every individual with a purpose has the power to make a difference. The circuit breaker has come to a close! Read on to find out how one of our newest volunteers has used the early mid-year school holidays for #SGUnited.


As we herald a new year, let us remind ourselves of an important virtue that is often not mentioned…

The most important secret to choose a good secondary school

PSLE results are out. If your child has done well, kudos to him or her, there will be many options for your child to choose from. If your child hasn’t, then there will be a more limited choice as the so called ‘better’ schools will tend to have higher PSLE cut-off points. So for those who didn’t do well, are all schools with lower cut-off points really bad then?

Why should I be unschooled

As education evolves along with our ever changing and dynamic economy, learning any specific subject has become less important than learning how to learn.